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artebo Streifschutz

"I think the chest guard is great because it's so ingeniously practical and uncomplicated. In the past, I always had shooting problems because I tend to wear loose clothing. With the chest guard; this problem has disappeared. The chest guard can be worn over any jacket which is important because, as a 3D archer, I'm out and about in all weathers."
Petra Kraus, from Vienna, has been shooting longbow for the Arcus club (BSC) Vienna for the past 4 1/2 years. In 2011 she became the Austrian indoor champion and won silver medals at both in the Austrian national 3D champion- ship and at the 3D World Championship in Donnersbach.

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The new chest guard for archery.

It’s functional, comfortable and fits perfectly; now available for children too.

Our products are as individual as our customers. We aim to provide products that give complete customer satisfaction - a philosophy which we’re passionate about !


Petra Kraus

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